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Automate Tasks, Streamline Operations, and Maximize Success with Salestrip SFA

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Harness the Power of Remote Meetings with Salestrip CLM Solution

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Enhance Skills, Drive Results, and Unlock Success with Salestrip E-Learning Solution

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Accelerate Your Payroll Processes with Salestrip Human

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Automate Tasks, Streamline Operations, and Maximize Success with Salestrip SFA

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Best In Class Pharma CRM Software That Enables You to Have Unrestricted Connectivity with Your Field Force.

The Salestrip SFA is a specialized Sales Force Automation & Effectiveness Software that has been specifically designed to streamline the execution, management, and monitoring of sales and marketing activities in the Pharma industry. It provides field sales personnel with valuable insights that enable them to make more calls, sell more products, and track what is happening in the field with ease.


Our experts will configure the system in a way that best meets your requirements initially. Updates to the system are typically at no cost.


Salestrip SFA ensure that all activities related to sales reporting comply with relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards.


A higher level of user traceability that meets security standards brings assurance and peace of mind.


Provide ongoing support for all types of issues and requests from the client operations team via email or helpdesk or phone.


Get Ready To Work Better, Faster, And Productive

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Reduce the carbon footprints by centrally storing all the information digitally. Go greener and save the environment.

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Stay Connected

Foster better customer relationship by keeping the team connected with needed data in the real-time.

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Team Collaboration

Bridge the communication between manager and field staff with sheer transparency.

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Schedule visits based on geo-location. Field force tracking and automation with geo-tagging, route optimization and visit planning.

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Seamless Integration

The impeccable integration feature let you integrate sales force automation solution with the ERP/SCM system of the company.

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Analytics & Reports

Gain insight of your lead-to-customer cycle, generate role-based report and gain real-time insight of your sales pipeline.