Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy delineates the manner in which Salestrip ("We", "Us", or "Our") collects, processes, and manages data pertaining to individuals in
conjunction with their interaction with and any related platforms, collectively referred to as the "Sites".

Last Updated: 25 August 2023

Preliminary Provisions

Salestrip prioritizes the confidentiality of its users. This document outlines our digital data management procedures and the options available to you regarding data acquisition and application.
The term "Personal Data" denotes any information that, in isolation or combined with other details, can be utilized to identify an individual, including but not limited to their name, profile, contact information, and physical address.
This Privacy Policy operates in conjunction with our Terms of Service, found at Any term within this Privacy Policy that remains undefined shall be interpreted as per its definition in the Terms of Service.
By interacting with our Sites or Service, you affirm your understanding and agreement with this Privacy Policy. Should you dissent, you are advised to refrain from utilizing our Sites or Services.
Provision of Data is voluntary. If you withhold consent for data processing by us or our third-party affiliates, you should abstain from accessing our Sites or Services. We maintain the discretion to amend this Privacy Policy as deemed necessary.

Data Collection and Management

While general access to the Sites does not mandate the provision of Personal Data, certain specific interactions and services might necessitate the collection of such data for apt facilitation.
Should you contact us via our online portals or designated email addresses, you may be prompted to furnish certain contact details, including your name, email address, and telephone number.
We reserve the right to collect data pertaining to your engagement and utilization of our Sites and Services, inclusive of your correspondence with our team, features accessed, and any third-party integrations employed.
Some services may involve financial transactions, necessitating specific data, including billing information. Periodic payments may involve the update of said information.
We employ analytical tools, log files, and "cookies" to enhance user experience and analyze trends.
Data related to your mobile device, including type and ID, may be collected to improve service delivery.
Integration with third-party services may result in the exchange of specific data, excluding passwords, with said third-party services.
Analytical tools, like Google Analytics, aid in collecting user data to optimize the Sites and Services.
Any Customer Data provided during interaction with the Services shall be processed in alignment with our Terms of Service.

Application and Disclosure of Personal Data

Your Personal Data assists us in service delivery, user identification, and communication. Under legal or regulatory compulsion, we may disclose your data to ensure compliance, enforce our Terms, or address potential fraudulent or malicious activities.
Certain functionalities of our Sites or Services necessitate user identification and authentication, utilizing your Personal Data.
You authorize us to utilize your designated email address for service updates and marketing communications. An opt-out mechanism will be provided for marketing communications.
Service-related notifications, integral to our offering, may be sent to you, exempt from the opt-out provision.
Your data may be shared upon your explicit instruction or request.
Should you require assistance related to a team managed by an organization you are affiliated with, we may liaise with said organization to address your concerns.

Data Security Measures

We commit to safeguarding your Personal Data by adopting prevailing industry standards. Concerns regarding data security can be directed to our official communication channels.

Data Subject Rights

As a "Data Subject", you possess specific rights, including data access, rectification, erasure, and portability. These rights can be exercised by reaching out to the designated Administrator within your organization or our support team.
Opt-out provisions are available for promotional communications. However, essential service notifications shall remain unaffected by such preferences.
Decisions to disclose Personal Data remain at your discretion. Non-disclosure may limit the full utility of our offerings.

Additional Provisions

Our Sites and Services might facilitate integration with third-party platforms. We disclaim responsibility for their privacy practices and content.
Data retention policies dictate the duration for which data is stored. Active utilization of our Services may extend this duration.
Our platform is not tailored for individuals under the age of 18. Any unintentional data collection from such individuals will be promptly deleted.
Queries, concerns, or grievances related to this Privacy Policy can be addressed to our support team.