Tour Planning

Plan Smarter, Achieve Better.

The Salestrip monthly planning feature assists medical representatives in formulating efficient tour plans. By utilizing either STP or historical visit data, representatives can tailor their routes based on the business potential of HCPs. With Salestrip, field reps have the flexibility to schedule their plans daily, weekly, or monthly as they see fit.


Optimize Your Daily Call Reports with Salestrip: Fast and Effective.

Salestrip SFA revolutionizes the daily call reporting process for Medical Reps (MR Reporting). This intuitive Sales Force Automation tool allows MRs to document and share daily engagements with healthcare professionals swiftly. Key features include
Real-Time data sync, enabling instant managerial access
Analytics to discern market trends
An organized interface to monitor targets and plan visits.

By eliminating redundancy and offering actionable insights, Salestrip SFA ensures that MRs are reporting and strategizing for maximum pharmaceutical sales efficacy. In short, Salestrip Pharma Reporting Software turns routine reporting into a dynamic asset for MRs.



How Surveys Revolutionize Pharma Marketing

Pharma marketing thrives on understanding patient needs and healthcare dynamics. Surveys play a pivotal role in this process. By gathering data directly from patients, physicians, and other stakeholders, pharmaceutical companies can gain insights into treatment efficacy, side effects, and unmet needs in the healthcare landscape. This feedback is invaluable, helping in drug development and tailoring communication strategies.
Surveys identify doctors' and patients' priorities, enhancing targeted marketing.
Feedback improves drug formulations and boosts trust.
Surveys highlight market gaps, offering a competitive advantage.
Involving stakeholders in surveys strengthens ties and increases sales.
Insights from surveys lead to smarter pharma sales strategies.

Stay Connected

Stay Connected On-the-Go: Seamless Team Communication

Elevate your team's communication anytime, anywhere. Our mobile app allows field sales teams to interact with colleagues through integrated messaging, chat, WhatsApp notification and email. Share attachments in any format effortlessly, ensuring you always stay in sync with your team. It's an indispensable tool for maintaining seamless connections with your team members.

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Streamlining Pharma Field Sales Expenses with Salestrip's Expense Automation

Managing the field sales team's expenses efficiently takes much work for Pharma companies. Salestrip's Expense Automation tool empowers companies by auto-calculating daily allowances based on working territories, ensuring complete transparency on submitted expenses.
Customize the expense template based on roles and territories.
Automatic computations for days spent in the field.

Approval Workflow Matrix

Enhanced Compliance through Advanced Approval Workflow.

Pharmaceutical companies face challenges in field marketing. Salestrip's advanced approval matrix tailored for each field role enhances organizational compliance, elevating field productivity. Enhanced compliance not only promotes transparency but also fosters trust among team members.

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De-Dupe Feature

Optimizing Pharma Marketing with Salestrip De-Dupe Feature

Redundancies and streamline your marketing strategy with unmatched precision. Salestrip SFA ensures that duplicated data no longer hampers your pharmaceutical campaigns. With our advanced De-Dupe feature, you can consolidate contacts, refine target lists, and ensure each communication is unique and impactful. Elevate the efficiency and effectiveness of your pharma marketing endeavours. Choose Salestrip SFA, where innovation meets excellence.