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Why Choose SFA

Salestrip Sales Force Automation Software automate myriad of business tasks involved in sales, including, but not limited to order tracking, order processing, information sharing, inventory monitoring and control, customer management and sales forecast analysis. Salestrip is a simple and intuitive application that makes your field work easier and faster. With the aid of this powerful tool, you can align your business activities anytime and from anywhere.

The Software is designed to automate field sales related activities of pharmaceutical industries. It constitutes a wide range of benefiting functional modules which support the basic business functionalities.
Why Choose Salestrip SFA:

Here Are Few Reasons Why Choose Salestrip SFA:

1. Helps you to be on Schedule

With Salestrip SFA, it becomes easy for Sales Managers to track and trail the business schedule. The software has the feature to remind you, send you alerts and notifications regarding appointments.

Salestrip helps business in making precise forecasts by correctly defining the assessed outcome of the sales processes. The software empowers business owners to make intellectual decisions regarding sales technique, marketing budgets and resource allocation.

Sales Manager can utilize Salestrip to allocate the territory to sales agent on the basis of their performance analytics report generated by the software. The reports generated by the software are in real-time and so accurate that there is no risk of allocating too much or too little.